Food for thought.

The idea of Facebook morphing into something more than the means of maintaining a social identity and of interacting with other online social identities, to create a new paradigm of society and social norms is a most intriguing one. one has already seen the effect Facebook may have in bringing about rapid social upheaval by integrating disparate viewpoints and social groups- that are far-flung both geographically and ideologically, providing them a platform to discuss, argue, engage, and thrash out a blueprint for change. the next step is the most interesting-could Facebook itself be the nerve-centre, the arena/laboratory where all prospective social experiments can be carried out?

In the words of the article:

So what if we decided to make a new country made of “citizens” from Facebook? What if, Facebook were used to test models of government, policies and parliamentary procedures. Where, for example, people create new rules around electoral results? Could this be used as a foundation to test new forms of government activity, parliamentary procedures and law making? What constitutes a “citizen” or more precisely the right to vote? Suppose the denizens of our fictitious country decided voting privileges were based on age and demonstrated altruistic service. Suppose you’d need to re-earn those privileges if you didn’t vote (engage) for a certain period of time?  


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