Judging books by their covers-Prelude


This is an article on an issue I have been thinking about myself for quite a while. Have books published today lost the individualistic charm they once possessed, and succumbed to mind-numbing uniformity? Or is it just a sign of the fast-moving, commercially-driven world we live in? I think the way we would know is by actually going to book stores and picking up books and judging for ourselves. I plan to write something on the subject of the singular experience of going to book-stores and browsing through books, myself (within the bounds of my very little experience, of course), and I think the book-cover is one of the most important factors deciding if i want to even pick up the book and go through it or not. How important, is of course a highly subjective matter, and depends on what we look for when we do go to bookstores. Oh well, there would have to be a different post for that. For now, please enjoy a well-written essay from a reliable source.


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