Weekend Indulgences-I

This is a collection of some of the more interesting links and stuff on the net that caught my fancy through this past week. As before, I hope to make this a regular affair. This serves as a coming-together of everything that i find interesting to read, watch, and absorb from the internet, and, I hope, will also serve as inspiration to undertake some original writing and research of my own.

1. A nostalgic walk through old and abandoned railway stationsYves Marchand and Romain Meffre stir the senses in this beautiful photo-essay.   

2. An old-time movie fan takes a look back and wonders if the classics of his youth still remain the same. the results are surprising. At the same time, read Almodovar holding court on comedy through the ages. Brilliant stuff.

3. Writing that i hope to come close to one day. Full of knowledge and art in equal measure. Entertaining and intelligent. Who knew sand could be so much fun?

4. The musical legacy of a brilliant, but seriously flawed man. For those whose only idea of Richard Wagner is Apocalypse Now. Also, listen to this. Pure genius in its entirety.

5. The grand-daddy of all timelines. Could make you feel really, really small and insignificant. Also , check this website out for some serious science. Not the dumbed-down crap fed to you to make you feel smart by the internet.

6. How would a tortoise be an accessory to burglary in the medieval Islamic crime scene? find out in this fascinating article.

7. Combining No. 5 and No. 6, slow science.

8.Forget the hare and the tortoise. This is the real deal. It’s been a slow week (excuse the pun)

Recommended website: http://nautil.us/ . An absolutely delightful website, and selection of blogs.


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