Amateur Astronomy

As the rains descend on my window

fragile droplets adhering to inch-thick glass

hanging on for dear life, sliding slowly, sometimes fast,

quivering, vibrating

I wonder if each droplet

could be an exquisitely crafted universe


nourished by benign sun

flickering, glittering, at once isolated

and then attached to every other by silver, watery umbilical

mutating, evolving.

 Big Bangs and Big Crunches happening side-by-side

continents made of water drifting on films of near-nothing

a jigsaw puzzle of multicolored dream-like mirrors

an atlas of unresolved, unclassified ephemera

hemispheres of fundamentally incomplete perfection…

…and then when the rain stops

the sun, MY sun, burns bright and fierce

snuffs out every impertinent upstart pretender

And all my exquisite, made-up universes

…are extinguished into darkness and cold.

The rain stops, and entire worlds

are left behind

as thoughts inside fevered heads

and as reckless words on paper folded

and refolded many times

and somewhere, as long evenings and longer nights

that segue into blood-shot dawns

waiting for rain

waiting for newly-born, fleetingly exquisite

made-up universes.


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