Book-List: Week 1

July 29- August 4

This is a short post to mention an update on my Book-reading plan. More details later. These are the books I managed to finish this past week :

1. Fali.S.Nariman: The State of the Nation. (Find it here)

The State of The Nation: Fali S. Nariman
The State of The Nation: Fali S. Nariman

2. Jean Dreze, Amartya Sen: An Uncertain Glory: India and Its Contradictions (Find it here , although Amazon has a better deal)

An Uncertain Glory-Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen
An Uncertain Glory-Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen

3. Haruki Murakami: What I Talk about when I Talk about Running. (Find it here)


4. David Sedaris: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. (You could check Amazon for this, there is a really expensive edition available on Flipkart)


5. Cormac McCarthy: The Road. (Find it here)


I had been visiting my paternal (and maternal) village for the last three days. It would be fair to say I had an interesting experience. A long blog post is warranted. Or maybe not, now that I think of it. This blog is meant to be strictly impersonal in content, and frankly speaking my travels do not make for interesting reading. Let’s say there was a set of feelings and realizations that I went through then, that could have amounted to something worthwhile if converted to written words instantaneously, but right now, their standalone literary merit (if i may be presumptuous enough to be my own judge) and my ability to pare down the script to something someone would like to read are both suspect. The memories are too raw and unpolished, the truth too unvarnished and coarse. Maybe later when I look back, I might be a more adept inventor of imagined pasts.  Right now, I am simply a lowly tinkerer with indistinctly made-up futures. (Tip of the hat to Mr Barnes and his Sense of an Ending)

And short reviews of the books read are also on the cards. Where the cards are, is of course, another story. For now, though, I am keeping them close to my chest.


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