Weekend Indulgences 2

1. This family didn’t know the most catastrophic event in human history just passed them by. Good for them.

2. A perceptive account of Bollywood by someone who’s been there, and back.

3. Something I wish to emulate, some day, when I have enough money, and time, the prospects of both of which look bleak.

4. After Almodovar’s master-class  last time, this time it’s another one of my personal favorites, talking about the language of cinema. What a genius the man is.

5. I have been searching high and low for books by Jan Morris. I once managed to find an essay collection at Landmark at a half-price sale, decided to come back later and buy it, came back the next day and, of course, it wasn’t there. Read his short essay on one of the world’s greatest cities.

6. The New York Public Library and Maria Popova come together to create this bit of paper magic. Someday, someday.

7. Just another bit of proof that football will always be the Beautiful Game. More power to these young men.

8. A peek into the utterly mind-bending genius that is Dave McKean. I have been looking like mad for any work by him all over the net, and found this comprehensive overview. The creativity is staggering.

That’s it for the week past. Some events this past week have rushed things for me, and I seem to have fallen back on the blog. I hope to get back on track soon.

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