Independence and Freedom

This is probably one of the better, saner things I have read today midst the jingoistic chest-thumping or alternately, the hollow attempts at introspection and the near-stupid rhetoric of  “Are we really free? Isn’t today the 67th anniversary of the day we lost our freedom?” being made in right earnest.

We won our independence on this day. It was not an easy victory. There were retreats, stalemates, losses and compromises that would have demoralized the best among us. Let us not belittle the sacrifices made by so many of our unknown brethren to see this day, by questioning the freedom that they gifted us. 

Let us also not lay the blame for any individual or collective feelings of helplessness, drudgery, and slavery that we might be experiencing at the state of our nation today, at the door of those who fought, and died for our freedom. Calling them back, begging them to be born again is not going to help. Let us never expect them to fight our battles for us.

Heroes are only the children of the times they live in.

Those heroes are long dead and gone. We are here. We are all we got.

Happy Independence Day. 


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