Two instances of memory (past and future)

1 (or 2). On separation

Familiar frissons

arise and settle down

like waves on the rivers seas oceans

that are soon to be our enemies.

I leave, and you will wait

you say, as your tears, in my imagining,

form small pools of remembering

…..or maybe it is the morning dew

waiting on slippery leaves

waiting for the sun to come out

waiting to be forgotten, and then to return,

unseen, unheard, and all-too-sudden

(almost unwanted),

on some solitary, unnaturally warm night.

2 (or 1). On meeting

Familiar frissons

settle and then rise again

like unruly river currents

and unsteady heartbeats

that soon give way to unheard conversations

once carried out through waves of static

now reduced to the small obstacles

of dry mouths, and goosebumps

strewn over your skin

like maps for remembering

……how lifelines, and futures were once traced

by slippery fingers and trembling lips

wishing for the sun to not come out

and waiting to be remembered, again,

to be smelt, tasted, as slowly

(as you want)

as slowly as the passing of the moon

on some, solitary, unnaturally warm night.


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